Our Mission

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MAKERS GALLERY is a ceramics gallery in Clayfield, Brisbane which offers a friendly gallery experience for Australian Makers and Collectors. We grow value and appreciation for contemporary ceramics and focus on professional development for Makers.

As a family and with help from our friends, friends-of-friends and coffee we:

– plan, set up and run artist experiences, talks, meetings and exhibitions at MAKERS GALLERY and Impress, Wooloowin

– facilitate workshops

– manage the MAKERS GALLERY website, social media and online store

– build connections with local, national and international Makers and buyers

Our gallery is welcoming, intimate and indiscriminate. We encourage buyers and Makers of all levels to visit, make connections and extend networks.


What is important to us?  


It is important for us to create strong connections with Makers and strengthen our relationships with them over time. When a Maker cannot be present to speak for themselves, we are able to step in with thorough knowledge of the Maker’s work, process and story.

We forge strong connections with buyers as well and connect them with ceramics that we know will resonate and bring joy. We love seeing the emotional impact of work on people and how story and specialness carry through to and evolve with new owners in their own places and spaces.  

Professional Development

We offer curatorial support and respectful and constructive critiques to Makers of all levels, from emerging to master. We work together to produce exciting, impactful and sometimes challenging and experimental exhibitions. MAKERS GALLERY offers a space to view work in a different light, often in series with works from a handful of Makers. The relationship of work with other pieces and the new environment invites Makers to re-examine and modify, refine and add to their body of work.  

Our investment in development extends to participation in other projects and spaces. We show our support for Makers’ ventures and make ourselves available if we can help.


We are Makers ourselves, running the gallery in line with careers as a Photographer and Claymaker. We understand the difficult balance of claywork, multiple jobs and “life things” so we strive to maintain a no-stress gallery policy. We do not expect Makers to meet deadlines at the expense of quality and satisfaction. We understand that when a Maker feels everything is right, it is the best work. Through exhibiting, Makers evolve personally and professionally. We do not rush these critical stages of development.

Our no-stress, no-rush policy extends to our buyers. With flexible initiatives like Makers On The Road, we provide a gallery experience that puts Maker and buyer needs first

Celebrating The Uniqueness Of Claywork

Ceramics are the fingerprint of our culture and humanity, reflecting environment, history, society, people and rituals. It is important for us to acknowledge this and celebrate the important role claywork plays in our lives

Every Maker’s journey is unique, so we maintain an open mind and responsiveness to each Maker, their work and their admirers. We showcase a diversity of beautiful (useful) pieces, stories and techniques and are constantly evolving with our Makers. 

We would love for you to get in touch with us and share your stories. 
Gallery store – makersgalleryaustralia.com/shop/
Facebook – facebook.com/makersgalleryaustralia
Instagram – @makersgalleryaustralia

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