Gift Ideas For The 2023 Holiday Season

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By Makers Gallery

Welcome to our 2023 gift guide. As the year draws to a close, we at Makers Gallery in Brisbane are reflecting on the year that unfolded within our walls. We’ve been honored to showcase the works of remarkable Makers who graced us with their solo shows, each exhibition a testament to their passion.

Kerry Holland, A dappled ground….peaces of place. March 2023. Explore here
Grant Hodges, Pot Plantery. August 2023. Explore here
Russell French, Duet. April 2023. Explore here

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who visited in-gallery, and the new faces who made it on weekends for the opening events. Your support and presence have made each solo show a truly memorable experience.

John James, Connections to Place. May 2023. Explore here
 Sacha Josef Raine, COMMONS. June 2023. Explore here. Bruny Tumble (above) $45.

As we eagerly anticipate what 2024 holds, we invite you to indulge in the ceramics featured in this year’s gift guide. We also welcome you to join us in-gallery to explore the textures, colours, and stories behind each piece.

Donna McDonald, Born in the Air. July 2023. Explore here. Sunlight 2 (above) $40.

As always, items on the online store can be delivered from our hands to yours in Brisbane Metro, picked up from Makers Gallery (Clayfield, Brisbane) or posted. Postage is possible Australia-wide and overseas.

Makers Gallery offers a flexible pay-as-you-go system because we truly appreciate the patronage of Collectors with varying budgets. Whether you’re considering a piece for yourself, your family, colleagues, or friends, we’re committed to ensuring everyone can access our ceramics. Feel free to reach out via Instagram direct message or text 0417 886 185 to discuss a plan that suits. Our aim is to make ceramics accessible—owning your own piece for the equivalent cost of a pizza per week!

Kalyanii Holden, Love Language. October/November 2023. Explore here. “Wattle on Vegemite Toast”

If you can’t quite decide on a piece just yet from the below guide or would like to leave it in the hands of your giftee, we can issue a gift card to a value of your choice. We also offer services at Makers Gallery, so get in touch if you feel a workshop, mentoring, or a spot in a future object-photography session with Tony would be a suitable gift (Tony Webdale is the genius behind the imagery on the Makers Gallery website. Tony also takes head shots, family photography and event photography – let us know if you would like more details).

Fantastic works below. Pay as you go if need be (please get in contact to set this up).


Rachel Cramer Vase

Small vase by Rachel Cramer. Thrown and handbuilt stoneware with gold lustre, clear glazed.

Price: $30.

Where from? Makers Gallery, Clayfield. Open as a one-stop-shop for Christmas.

Vase is also available to buy on the online store.

This mug by John James looks good enough to eat. Chocolate-y goodness can be arranged to accompany the mug for a small fee. Gift wrapping is available too on request if arranged in advance. DM or text.

Price: Mug $30.

Where from? In-house at Makers Gallery or online.

A festively-coloured gift by Malcolm Greenwood….would look lovely displayed by a table with bowls of berries on Boxing Day.

Where from? Makers Gallery, Clayfield. Reserve via DM on Makers Gallery’s social media or text Stephanie on 0417 886 185.

Lovely bowls by Shannon Garson. Wheel-thrown porcelain, firewheel design with clear glaze.

Price: $70 each.

Where from? Makers Gallery on-site and online.

Mugs, the perfect companions for that much-needed ‘pick-me-up’ on January 1st. Pair of mugs with linework by Yoshi Takahashi.

Price: $85.

Where? Makers Gallery on-site and online.

Small white vessels by Anna Markey. From the Eyre Creek series. I’m picturing scoops of ice-cream. What’s your flavour?

Price: $75 each.

Where? Online and in gallery.

Stare into the universe with this woodfired bowl by Suvira McDonald. And there’s so much more available from Suvira! We have an impressive collection of over 60 works, ranging from bowls, cannisters, vases, mugs, pourers, sake cups, to containers and more. Mixing artistry with practicality, the ceramics showcase Suvira’s talent and offer something special for everyone. Suvira’s work includes stunning teapots with Shino and Carving/Ash Glazing techniques.

View online or in-gallery.

Price: $75.

Woodfired jug by John James. Pending brandy custard and a daiquiri for Christmas Day lunch.

Price: $80.

Where from? In Makers Gallery, as well as online.

Picture the decadence of rum balls nestled within this Woodfired bowl by Isaac Patmore ($120)

….or delight in a hand-thrown vase with diverse glaze (below) available online here.

Fluted stoneware green-celadon glaze bowl by Geoff Crispin. Delightful!

Price: $150 or $25 a week over 6 weeks.

Transport them to cherished moments by the ocean with a piece from the exhibition by Avi Amesbury Connection: Land and Sea. Porcelain and found clay, with clear glaze, slab work, stamping, and coiling (above) priced at $200, available online or in-gallery.

Also available is Lyn Bates’ ceramic piece adorned with wire coral and found objects (below), a wonderfully unique expression priced at $135. With the essence of the sea, it invites you to hold onto those precious memories of holidays by the ocean, in a tangible form.

Lyn Bates ceramic, wire coral with pay-as-you-go is $27 a week over 5 weeks.

Get into the festive spirit with this Green Lidded Container by Ever Ceramics. A perfect addition to a holiday coffee and tea setup. It could keep sugar or other Christmas essentials stylishly stored, adding seasonal color to the kitchen.

Price: $175.

Available online here or in gallery.

Textured jug by Susan Dunne. Picture Christmas Day lemonade, iced tea, and a swim. The jug’s unique texture adds flair to the table while offering functionality.

Price: $170 upfront or pay as you go.

Where from? Makers Gallery or online here.

Set of 5 cups by Suvira McDonald. Available at Makers Gallery, your woodfired heaven and haven.

View the collection on the Makers Gallery store.

Price: Set of 5 cups $55 a week over 5 weeks.

Pueblo Dreams of Joman 5 by Paul Sternberg

Pueblo Dreams of Joman 5, a meaningful Christmas gift for someone who meant a great deal to you this year. There are 17 sculptures by Paul Sternberg to peruse online – click here.

DM, call or text to reserve.

Galapagos Islands Whiskey Set. Sgraffito on porcelain. Fired to cone 9-12 in a wood kiln

For the outdoor enthusiast, gift a ceramic piece by Tim Christensen whose works are adorned with enchanting pilot whales, squids, lively newts and shoal. Sgraffito on porcelain.

In gallery and online.

A serving bowl by Andrew Bryant as part of the Christmas feast this year. Imagine a spectacularly summery-salad. Mango, chicken, avocado, macadamias. Yum!

Price: $325 or pay as you go.

Get in touch to arrange a visit to Makers Gallery to experience firsthand Peter Cameron’s Porcelain. A must-feel for collectors or as a special house or workspace-warming gift —it’s a treasure from the Egg and Shell collection. Visit the gallery to feel its allure before gifting it or making it yours (or explore Peter Cameron online).

Price: $350 or $35 a week over 10 weeks.

A sake set adding to special moments shared with friends and family during the holiday season. Whiskey cups, sushi tray and green tea set also available from Sandy Lockwood.

Price: $260 upfront, or pay as you go.

Last but not least….mugs by Grant Hodges. Reserve via DM on Makers Gallery’s social media or text Stephanie on 0417 886 185… and check out our reel on Instagram from 22 August 2023, featuring Grant and his mug of choice.

Where from? Available in-house at Makers Gallery and online.

We value your input, so please share your thoughts on this guide in the comments section of the Makers Gallery Instagram. Your feedback contributes to the enhancement of future gift editions.

Makers Gallery is at 53 Jackson Street, Clayfield, Brisbane open by appointment (DM on social media or text 0417 886 185).

Wishing you and yours a happy Christmas and New Year,

Makers Gallery






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