Gift Inspiration For The Holiday Season

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By Makers Gallery

This year at Makers Gallery our focus is on our pay as you go system.

Why? We value working around our Makers and Collectors (have you heard about Makers On The Road?)

We are always more than happy for you to message our Instagram or text 0417 886 185 to discuss a plan that will work around your budget. Why? Because we want you, your family and your friends to have beautiful things around you with no pain.

We started November winding down from Steve Williams’ Holocene. Let us know if you missed out on seeing this – we have works we can show you. We have also started putting together Kalyanii Holden’s (Jade Tree Ceramics) focus. In addition to this, on top of study and placement and life-things with the help of lots of coffee, we found some time to look through our collection and put together our 2022 Christmas gift guide.

As always, all works on the online store can be delivered from our hands to yours in Brisbane Metro, picked up from Clayfield or posted (this includes postage Australia-wide and overseas – not just over the Tasman Sea either. Our last postage made it safely to Canada)!

… and if you can’t quite decide just yet, or would like to leave it in the hands of your giftee, we can issue a gift card to a value of your choice. We also offer services at Makers Gallery, so get in touch if you feel a class, mentoring, or object-photography session with Tony would be a suitable gift. Tony Webdale is the genius behind the imagery on the Makers Gallery website so a photography session gifted this Christmas would be a gift that keeps on giving for any Maker or business owner. Tony also does head shots, family photography and event photography. Let us know if you would like more details on that.

Beautiful works below. Pay as you go.


Between $25 and $45

Rachel Cramer Vase

Sweet little vase by Rachel Cramer. Thrown and handbuilt stoneware with gold lustre, clear glazed.

Price: $30.

Where from? Makers Gallery, Clayfield. Open as a one-stop-shop.

Vase is also available to buy on the online store.

Did you know Makers Gallery is a stockist of The Journal of Australian Ceramics? We currently have stacks of back issues for you or your giftee’s reading pleasure. Enjoy a moment of quiet in the holiday period with a good read and a cup of coffee.

Price: Price of back issues negotiable. Get in touch to discuss.

Where from? The Journal of Australian Ceramics can be purchased in-house at Makers Gallery.

This mug by John James looks good enough to eat. Chocolate-y goodness can be arranged for a small fee. We’ll gift-wrap it with the mug and can also organise a card.

Price: Mug $30.

Where from? In-house at Makers Gallery or online.

Green celadon stoneware bowl by Malcolm Greenwood.

Price: Bowl $45. Four available.

Where from? Makers Gallery, Clayfield also online.

$50 to $90

Lovely bowls by Shannon Garson. Wheel-thrown porcelain, firewheel design with clear glaze.

Price: $70 each.

Where from? Makers Gallery on-site and online.

Pourer by Steve Williams.

We recently filmed several reels with Steve. View them on our Instagram for further insight or visit in-gallery to watch the film by Scott Calvin and Liam Worth about Steve and his process.

Price: $65.

Where? Makers Gallery on-site and online.

Thrown textured stoneware with coloured underglaze mug by Philip Hart.

Price: $65.

Where? Online and in gallery.

Small white vessels by Anna Markey. From the Eyre Creek series.

Price: $75 each.

Where? Online and in gallery.

Stare into the universe with this woodfired bowl by Suvira McDonald.

Price: $75.

Where from? Makers Gallery, one-stop-shop for all things Christmas-gifts this year, online too.

Waiting for brandy custard and a daiquiri. Woodfired jug by John James.

Price: $80.

Where from? In Makers Gallery, as well as online.

Feels wonderful in your hand. Tea or coffee can be arranged on request as an add-on and gift-wrapped with the mug.

Handled-less mug is by Steve Williams.

Price: $85.

Where from? Makers Gallery, and online.

We have a reel about Steve’s handled-less mugs. View it on the Makers Gallery Instagram

Large cups by Moraig McKenna. How about these for stocking-stuffers? Best Christmas ever!

Price: Cups $90 each.

Where? Online and in gallery.

$100 to $200

Picture this with rum balls.

Woodfired bowl by Isaac Patmore.

Price: $120.

Where from? Makers Gallery. More from Isaac available online here.

Steve Williams Rock Rim bowl. Get in touch for more details.

Price: $125.

From the Makers Gallery vault. To love and to hold shell-like porcelain vessel by Roshni Senapati.

Price: $150 or $25 a week over 6 weeks.

Fluted stoneware green-celadon glaze bowl by Geoff Crispin.

Price: $150 or $25 a week over 6 weeks.

Found clay porcelain bowl by Avi Amesbury. Clear glaze, slab, stamping, slip cast.

Price: $25 a week over 8 weeks.

Textured jug by Susan Dunne.

Price: $170 or pay as you go.

Where from? Makers Gallery or online here.

A lovely reminder of special holidays spent by the ocean. “Reef Reflections” by Russell French available online or to view in the gallery.

Price: $195 or pay as you go can be organised.

$200 to $280

A thrown origami work from Holocene (Steve Williams). Speaks for itself.

Price: $50 a week over 5 weeks. DM or text with your interest.

Set of 5 cups by Suvira McDonald. Available at Makers Gallery, a woodfired heaven/haven. Work from Suvira is available online too. We have an impressive collection if we say so ourselves of over 70 works from Suvira… teapots, bowls, cannisters, vases, mugs, pourers, sake cups, containers and more.

View the collection on the Makers Gallery store.

Price: Set of 5 cups $55 a week over 5 weeks.

Woodfired teapot by Steve Williams.

Price: $55 a week over 5 weeks.

$280 plus

A serving bowl by Andrew Bryant as part of your Christmas feast this year. Imagine a spectacularly summery-salad. Mango, chicken, avocado, macadamias. Yum!

Price: $325 or pay as you go.

Porcelain form by Peter Cameron. A great one for a collector or a very special house-warming/office-warming gift.

Price: $350 or $35 a week over 10 weeks.

Where from? Reserve via Instagram DM/text or organise to view at Makers Gallery. Also online.

Last but not least. Woodfired vase by Grant Hodges.* Reserve via Instagram DM or text Stephanie on 0417 886 185.

Price: $375 or $75 a week over 5 weeks.

Where from? Available in-house at Makers Gallery and online.

Let us know what you think of this guide in the comments of the Makers Gallery Instagram. Your feedback will help us improve for next year.

Makers Gallery is at 53 Jackson Street, Clayfield, Brisbane open every week until Christmas Wednesdays 10am until 4pm and Saturdays 1pm until 4pm. Open by appointment outside of those times.

Wishing you and everyone around you a safe and happy Christmas and New Year,

Makers Gallery






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