ARTIST PROFILE: Denise Douglas

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Denise’s work featured in A Series of Solos alongside pieces from artists Isaac Patmore, Julie Smeros, Susan Dunne, Rob Fedrick and John Manning.

Name: Denise Douglas.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in the bush near Moogerah Dam. The bush and the sea are my special places…my muse.

Where are you based now?
I am based in Alexandra Hills, Redlands. It’s where my family are. I live next to the Sugar Glider Reserve which I view from my rear deck.

What area do you specialise in?
Clay making and drawing.

How did you get to where you are today?
I studied at Southbank Institute, graduating in 2005. I studied the Advanced Diploma of Ceramics there.

What materials do you work with?
I work with clay and usually carve, slip trail, incise and impress in my work, but for this exhibition I have chosen the handbuilding technique of pinch potting and decorating in underglaze work reflective of the environment I was brought up in and currently live in.
This work also reflects my current life experience. This is a time of rejuvenation and reinvention for me and that is reflected in what I have made this time around. Life imitates art and art imitates life.

What do you enjoy most about working as an artist?
I think I picked up a pencil to create art as young as five years old. It’s always been a part of me.
The opportunity to work full time in a creative environment with a special group of creatives in the disability sector has been a gift. To then work with clay in my time, a medium that is hands-on, gritty, down to earth, malleable…brings me great joy and balances me. That someone else wants to share in what I make is humbling.

Do you have a particular goal you’d like to achieve?
I’d like to study in Arts Therapy and continue to grow my clay practice.

View Denise’s work here.

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