We Talk Teaspoons And Travel With Ceramic Artist Nicole Deichmann

December 13, 2017 No comments exist

Where are you based?

I have set up a little garage pottery studio in a beautiful coastal wine region about 45 kilometres south of Adelaide in South Australia.

Do you travel to other locations for your practice?

I started making ceramics around two years ago so I have not had the pleasure of travelling with it yet but I plan to continue to educate myself in different ceramics techniques and add an element of travelling and visiting with that.

What are three things that make you happy in the holiday season?

Number one is the food. Second would be that we celebrate Christmas in summer. I can’t wait to start the day with a swim at the beach. And third would have to be combining the different traditions of my multicultural family into one big event.

What’s your favourite stocking stuffer?

Anything handmade or locally made. I sell my ceramics at a lot of markets so this year I’ve picked up handmade cards, jewellery and glassworks from other market stall holders.

Describe your favourite Christmas decoration.

My favourite Christmas decoration actually hangs in my room all year round. It is a large orange and red paper star lantern that I bought at the Berlin Christmas Market in Germany a few years ago. It reminds me of my time travelling.

The exhibition SALON celebrates coffee, tea and the associated vessels. What do you have in the show?

I have contributed a stoneware tea cup and saucer with a matching ceramic teaspoon in a celadon style green glaze.

What’s unique about the process you undertook to make the vessels?

I make the majority of my ceramic spoons in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. I call them my ‘Insomnia Spoons’ because I sneak out to my garage studio whenever my mind is racing and sleep is eluding me and spend an hour or so making spoons. It usually takes my mind off things and then I can go back to bed to sleep.

In the past, have you given someone your own work as a gift? If yes, what was it and what made it special?

I have some friends who got married on a gorgeous beach in the Greek Islands last year. I made them a vase and took it all the way to Greece to give it to them for their wedding.

What would you do if you ran out of wrapping paper this Christmas?

If I ran out of wrapping paper, I would wrap the gifts in something that reminded me of the person receiving the gift. For example, I would use maps to wrap gifts for friends who love to travel, tea towels for those who love to cook and reclaimed fabric for the vintage lovers.


Nicole is one of many talented artists presenting their work in SALON at MAKERS GALLERY.

View opening hours on the MAKERS GALLERY website.

Where can you see more from Nicole?  Instagram: @nicole.is.nicole |  Facebook: @nicole.is.nicole.design |  www.nicoleisnicole.com

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